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Healthiest Chocolate Cake EVER! – Only 7 ingredients!

Healthy Chocolate Cake

This Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Cake is gluten-free, refined-sugar free, contains no butter or oil, can be dairy-free and even Vegan! Only 7 ingredients needed, and it is EXACTLY like a conventional chocolate cake – even you won’t be able to tell!

Healthy Chocolate Cake #healthy #chocolatecake #glutenfree

As you probably know, healthy eating often involves finding healthy substitutes for things that are usually unhealthy. Unfortunately, those substitutes often just don’t quite live up to the original food.

I’ve made various healthy versions of cakes in the past – sometimes using buckwheat flour instead of normal flour, or maple syrup instead of sugar, even avocado instead of butter. But you could always tell that they weren’t quite the same as a ‘normal’ cake. Whether they turn out too dry, or not sweet enough, too dense, weirdly coloured, or just downright disgusting, healthy substitutes aren’t generally as mouth-wateringly scrumptious as their unhealthy counterparts.

Healthy Chocolate Cake #healthy #chocolatecake #glutenfree

For example, if you were to make a cake for someone’s birthday, you can’t really give them a healthy version, because they would be able to tell straight away that it wasn’t a true cake, right? Especially when it’s people like my mum, who can tell whether it is a real cake from the first bite.

So when I decided to make a healthy chocolate cake – one that really tastes like a ‘proper’ chocolate cake – I certainly had my work cut out for me!

Healthy Chocolate Cake #healthy #chocolatecake #glutenfree


There were many attempts.

Substitutes I used instead of butter, sugar and flour included: nut butter, avocado, bananas, xylitol, honey, buckwheat flour, and cornflour. A few of the cakes I made were alright – usually a bit too dense or dry. One of them was actually good enough that I was able to use it as my parents’ anniversary cake! I used wholewheat self-raising flour, meaning it wasn’t gluten free. However, my mum still noticed it wasn’t quite right. “Slightly gritty.” She said. That would be the wholewheat flour then.

So for the next version, I found a chocolate cake recipe in an old cookbook from the back of a shelf and swapped out the ingredients for healthier alternatives.

Healthy Chocolate Cake

Topping it with healthy chocolate frosting, I took some photos, then cut a slice each for my mum and sister – the supreme cake critics!

My fingers crossed, I handed them their slice of cake, without telling them it was healthy. I waited nervously as they ate the first bite…

Healthy Chocolate Cake

So, the reaction?

My mum exclaimed “Are you going to tell me this is healthy?!”
“Er…yep.” I nodded.
“No way!” She stared in disbelief at the chocolate cake. “That’s your best cake yet!”

Healthy Chocolate Cake #healthy #chocolatecake #glutenfree

My sister looked up from the book she was reading, having scoffed the whole piece of chocolate cake. “Thanks Katie, that was a really nice cake!”

With the approval of my critics, I ate a piece of it myself.

Soft, spongy, chocolatey, and delicious. It couldn’t possibly be a healthy chocolate cake! But alas, it is…

Healthy Chocolate Cake

I guarantee that once you’ve made this chocolate cake, you will never need to go back to a ‘proper’ chocolate cake again. Honestly. And that’s a pretty bold statement to make.

Of all the healthy cakes I’ve tried, this one sure takes the biscuit (well, takes the cake – the healthy cake😁)!

Healthy Chocolate Cake



Healthy Chocolate Cake!

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Yield: 1 double layer cake (8-12 slices)

Serving Size: A slice (1/8 - 1/12 of cake)

Calories per serving: 180kcal per slice

Fat per serving: 5g per slice

Healthy Chocolate Cake!

This Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Cake is gluten-free, refined-sugar free, contains no butter or oil, can be dairy-free and even Vegan!Only 7 ingredients, and is exactly like a conventional chocolate cake - even you won't be able to tell!


  • • 180 g [3/4 cup] muscovado sugar *
  • • 180 g [3/4 cup] Greek yoghurt **
  • • 3 eggs
  • • 180g [1 cup] gluten free self-raising flour*** OR wholewheat self-raising flour
  • • 50 g [1/2 cup] cocoa powder
  • • 7 tablespoons boiled water
  • • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C [350°F, 160°fan, gas 4]. Grease 2 8-inch cake tins and line bottom circle with baking parchment.
  2. Beat the sugar, greek yoghurt and eggs in a large mixing bowl.
  3. Put the cocoa powder in a separate, medium-sized bowl, and gradually add tablespoons of boiled water until a thick paste is formed. Mix this thoroughly into the cake mixture.
  4. Sift the flour and baking powder into the mixing bowl and fold in until incorporated.
  5. Pour mixture equally into the 2 prepared cake pans.
  6. Bake for 20 - 25 mins, until top springs back when pressed.
  7. Top with this healthy chocolate frosting, serve and enjoy!


*You can use xylitol, coconut sugar, or any granulated sugar of choice.

**To be dairy-free, use a soy yoghurt or other dairy-free alternative.

***I used this flour

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  • Reply

    Sam Iha

    February 23, 2018

    How many cals per serving?

    • Reply


      March 14, 2018

      If the cake is cut into 8 slices, it’ll be 180kcal per slice. Thank you for your interest in this recipe, Sam!🙂

  • Reply


    September 2, 2016

    Yummy, I just had breakfast and I’m hungry. Again!

  • Reply


    August 22, 2016

    This looks so delicious! Have you ever tried vanilla yogurt in baked goods before? I hear it adds extra flavor. 🙂

    • Reply


      August 22, 2016

      Thanks! I’m pretty sure we finished the whole thing within 2 days😄! I have, yeah it does add a nice flavour actually! The only thing is that flavoured yogurts tend to have extra sugar, but maybe there are brands that don’t add too much extra sugar that I could try? I’ll have to do some research I guess!😉

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