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Healthiest Chocolate Brownies EVER! (Hiding Carrots & Strawberries!)

Healthy Chocolate Brownies #Healthy #Recipes #KatrinasCleanCooking

These Healthy Brownies contain CARROTS and STRAWBERRIES, NO butter, NO flour, ONLY fruit sugars, LOADS of fibre & protein…they’re the healthiest brownies ever! Vegan, Paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free, refined-sugar free, eggless, healthy and clean-eating-friendly. What’s more, they taste absolutely delicious!

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Healthy Chocolate Pancakes: No blender required!

Healthy Chocolate Pancakes #Healthy #Pancakes #KatrinasCleanCooking

These Healthy Chocolate Pancakes are deliciously chocolatey and filling, perfect for breakfast! No need for a blender, these are easily and quickly mixed by hand before going straight into the pan! Gluten-free, dairy-free, high-protein, no butter or oil, with a Paleo option. Guaranteed to keep you full until lunchtime!

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Healthy Chocolate Frosting: 3 ingredients!

Healthy Chocolate Frosting

This smooth & glossy Healthy Chocolate Frosting is simple and delicious; perfect for topping cakes! Paleo, Vegan, refined-sugar free, and containing no butter or cream! Made with only 3 ingredients, it takes just seconds to make, and tastes beautifully chocolatey.

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